Clients and Testimonials

I've helped everything from multi-national enterprises to small startups save money, protect their data, and better optimize their use of SQL Server.

Partial Client List

The following is a partial list of clients that I've worked with as a consultant:



I strive to make working with me easy and informative. Here's what some of my clients have to say about working with me.


Ron Moses - ConEst Softare Systems

Mike, I got a tremendous boost out of the relatively short time you spent working with me. I was impressed with your ability to sense when I knew what you were talking about, and when I was in way over my head, and adjust on the fly so that I never felt either lost or spoken down to. After only a few hours I feel like I'm twice the SQL developer I was only a day before. I'd encourage anyone in my position to look you up; it really was a great experience.

Robert Settle - BAE SYSTEMS

You have been an outstanding asset to us in getting SQL Server Replication working.

Steve D. Nares - getRecords / Med-Legal

You can use us a referral for any future clients, we will be happy to let others know that your services were effective, informative, and professional.

Rob Petrie - Trimble

I find your presentation and style very clear and good to follow.
Thanks for all your input! It is really helping us to up-skill and to build a good picture of how things work and what our options are.

Jimmy Powell - Senderra Funding

I'd like to do another audit in 6 months or so. This has been really helpful.

Matt Brass -

These [search metric] numbers look fantastic, I've been very happy with the search performance today while I was using it. Thanks for all your work on this.

Greg Orlando - Global Drug Testing Labs

Mike, your feedback is always well understood and extremely helpful.