Development Help and Guidance

As a former database developer for several well known companies, and as industry recognized expert in development techniques, patterns, and best practices, I can provide expert guidance and help with T-SQL and data access development needs.

Developer Guidance

With my background as BOTH a developer and DBA, I understand that there can be friction between developers and DBAs.

Most of that friction, however, can be removed when developers and DBAs better understand core considerations that must be addressed when it comes to security, maintenance, performance, and extensibility.

Contact me if you need any help defining, communicating, or establishing best practices for performance, security, and extensibility. I'm happy to help and can bring years of industry experience to bear in providing the context that you maximize your interactions with SQL Server.

Code Audits

If you suspect potential coding problems or just want a your code evaluated or validated, Audits can provide valuable feedback and guidance on adherence to coding best practices.

Likewise, if you need to address specific auditory-compliance or security considerations, please contact me for help.