CASE STUDY$30,000 vs $400

Sustained 80%+ CPU Utilization

Sustained high CPU utilization on a key SQL Server system was putting a mission-critical application in jeopardy.

Like many database servers in production, this server was acting as the back-end for a number of applications - including a mission-critical system. But when CPU activity consistently remained above 80% utilization, concerns grew over how the server would manage a pending spike in customer visits.

Throwing Hardware at the Problem: $30,000

Since the server was housing a number of applications, a tentative decision was made to buy a new, identical, server and offload some of the back-end databases.

Anticipated cost: $30,000+.

Performance Tuning: $400

In just a few hours SQL Server Audits was able to drop CPU utilization from a sustained average of 80% down to a sustained average of just 12%. The SQL Server Audits solution only cost $400 - and was easily able to handle the anticipated increase in traffic.

Using standard tools and techniques, SQL Server Audits was able to isolate the exact database, application, and problem causing the high levels of CPU utilization. Three lines of code later, CPU activity was completely tamed - providing plenty of room and opportunity for increased load and growth.

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