Increasing Problems with Disk Utilization

A high-end EMR system was experiencing throughput problems.

With over 2,000 concurrent users working against more than 130 GB of underlying data, disk utilization was saturated and users were beginning to complain about slow performance.

The Hardware Solution ($100,000)

An outside consultant recommended spending nearly $100,000 on a new SAN solution to help provide high-speed disk to help overcome issues with I/O contention.

The SQL Server Audits Solution ($2,000)

SQL Server Audits was engaged to help with SQL Server portion of the SAN migration.

But analysis of the existing workload and performance metrics by SQL Server Audits determined that new hardware wasn't needed.

Instead, by modifying key indexes and fill-factors, and modifying database file structure and placement, SQL Server Audits was able to tune the EMR system to overcome disk contention without disrupting end-users.

The entire analysis and tuning process took less than 15 hours, and helped ensure future growth and performance - without requiring any additional hardware.

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