CASE STUDYA Startup Quandary relies upon SQL Server for back-end processing.

As a startup, ZipTracker leases shared SQL Server hosting on a month-by-month basis.

Account Over Quota - Suspension Immanent

Most Shared SQL Server hosting puts constraints in place to ensure that clients don't gobble up too much disk space or use too many resources (specifically CPU and RAM).

One day, ZipTracker hit a point where it was gobbling up too many system resources, and the owner was notified of the need to reign in this problem with their account or they would have to pay for a higher-tier hosting plan.

The Quandry

Even if ZipTracker decided to spring for dedicated SQL Server hosting (which would ruin the existing business model due to inflated hosting prices), there still would have been a period of downtime while the back-end database was transitioned on to a new platform.

Even worse, if the owner did nothing, the shared account would be suspended, and existing customers using the application would have seen costly business interruptions.

SQL Server Audits to the Rescue

SQL Server Audits was engaged to help evaluate options. After a quick, live, analysis of the situation, I was able to dramatically cut back on CPU and disk utilization by cleaning up heavy index and table fragmentation. Not only did this stop the application from 'hogging' too many resources on the shared SQL Server, but it recovered enough drive space to provide additional growth opportunities for the growing web application at current hosting prices (rather than requiring additional hosting fees for increased disk/storage quotas).

Best of all, the entire nightmare was cleared-up in less than an hour, and end-users noticed dramatic performance benefits across the entire application - proving that SQL Server Audits can help organizations of any size meet their SQL Server needs.

SQL Server Expertise

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