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Database Developer - Job Description

Roughly 20 years ago, at Coldwater Creek, I was both a production DBA and a developer - so I ended up with a bit of a strange title: Database Developer. Here's a listing of some of the job responsibilities that I had as a Database Developer with the Web Team:

Job Responsibilities - DBA (50% - 60%):

• Direct the strategic analysis and design of existing systems and interfaces that are data driven, ensuring they remain current, efficient, technically advanced and cost effective.
• Participate in determining the technologies to be used to solve database, state management, and transactional functionality used by the Web Team and QA. This includes involvement in all aspects of web development process – from architecture to development and implementation.
• Ensure and manage database security, maintenance, performance, recoverability, and reliability.
• Configure and maintain production database servers.
• Liaise effectively with IT groups within internal company systems development and issues, where applicable.
• Ensure appropriate research, planning, development, testing and documentation are carried out among all Web development teams with adherence to CWC project development processes (SDLC), standards and methodologies.
• Create, manage, and publish database development standards.
• Develop a formal process to address change requirements and requests pertaining to databases, schema, database logic, and state processing/handling systems as well as transactional systems used by the Web Team. This includes the implementation of change control procedures, the QA of database changes, management of source control, and ensures that final changes are implemented correctly and safely into production and back into dev/staging environments.
• Implement and maintain T-SQL source control in conjunction with QA.
• Develop detailed documentation around all production, development and test processes pertaining to database, state, and transactional requirements used by the Web Team and QA.
• Mentor Web Team Developers and QA personnel with the goal of increased DB knowledge and understanding.

Job Responsibilities - Database Developer (40% - 50%):

• Design development, deployment, and maintenance of complex database schemas and automated jobs for Coldwater Creek’s e-Commerce site.
• Integrate existing and new database applications with existing and new data sources using a variety of database technologies (e.g., mapping services) on a SQL Server platform.
• Responsible for applications (SQL Server) development.
• Develop solutions to meet business requirements, includes gathering business requirements and seeing project through testing and implementation.
• Develop automated tools and processes against database centric systems.
• Create and code production solutions in conjunction with the Web Team and/or QA.
• Participate in formal code reviews and design reviews when required.
• Assist QA team in construction, optimization, and use of automated test tools.
• Responsible for the design and implementation of continuous database, transactional, and state-management enhancements.
• Participate with architectural decisions on any design with a database component.