Professional Experience - Resume

Since becoming an independent consultant in 2004, I've worked with a number of clients, taken on a number of projects, and written a number of articles. As such, I don't bother keeping an updated resume. Instead, what you see below is my pre-consultant resume.

Snippets from my Resume

The following snippets from my resume help highlight some of the experience I gained prior to becomming a consultant in 2004.

Coldwater Creek

• Evangelized and implemented granular SQL Server security for users, applications, and websites.
• Designed and implemented Transactional SQL Server Replication Topology in an environment where Microsoft consultants said it couldn’t be done. Achieved 99.99%+ uptime, and saved numerous production hours.
• Specified, designed, created, configured, and managed several clustered (and non-clustered) SQL Servers. Ensured correct and optimal utilization of hardware, file systems, and physical storage on all systems.
• Fixed lingering SQL Server implementation problem that hindered peak sales by correctly utilizing processor affinity, and AWE memory usage. Continuously monitored, tuned and improved scalability, reliability, and performance. Monitoring and tuning on one peak sales day saved over $.7 million in sales.
• Production DBA for 250GB+ of databases on 10+ servers. Oversaw performance, recoverability, scalability, and security; responsible for production changes. Mentored developers in SQL Server and ADO.NET best practices.

Altiris (acquired by Symantec)

• Architected and directed development of an enterprise level content management system (with multiple servers spanning the globe) built on SQL Server, XML, and ASP.NET.
• Specified, designed, implemented, and maintained co-located web farm for and affiliated sites. Farm served over 22 million hits/month (300,000 individual user sessions) from 3.2GB of web sites with 5.6 GB of supporting SQL Server Databases.
• Engineered and implemented secure credit card portals that did over $6.2 million in transactions.

Independent Contractor

• Reconstructed failed Oracle 8i and VB/XML Enterprise-Level project for Bonneville Communications. Implemented triggers, stored procedures, indexes, and keys to repair slow data tier. Debugged and repaired XML middle tier, and revamped faulty and non-user friendly VB and VBA Front End.

Frogbody Interactive

• Built numerous / complex SQL Server Stored Procedures as well as Schemas.
• Managed database operations and ADO interaction of databases and ASP applications.

• Collaborated in dramatically increasing OLTP transactions on systems handling several billion transactions weekly (in a cluster of 20+ dedicated MySQL Servers) through the implementation of advanced database techniques such as join optimization, table structure and fragmentation analysis, bulk inserts, indexing and lock optimization, creation of custom timers to detect bottlenecks, and the optimization of existing PHP and C++ Code.
• Organized, led, and implemented a solution to convert existing and incoming MySQL data to an Oracle test environment and provided comprehensive test results showing the pros and cons of a MySQL versus Oracle solution for

US Synthetic

• Created multi-department Access/VBA databases providing labor analysis and inventory usage rates.
• Used ADO , ODBC, and other data retrieval methods for interacting with legacy systems.