SQL Server Consulting Help

Looking for help, or curious about how hiring a SQL Server Consultant works?

The Initial Consultation

Engagements usually start when you determine that you need outside help with SQL Server.

A free initial consultation allows you to describe your environment, your specific needs, and outline the parameters, scope, and outcome you'd like to achieve. We'll also determine the kind of help you need.

I can help you as a contractor (where I solve the problem for you) or as a consultant (where I work with you and teach you how to solve your own problems).

In some cases I might even give you enough insight and advice during the initial consultation to solve your own problems. (Which is fine by me - as it means you'll be that much more willing to call again with harder problems and/or tell your peers about me.)

After the Initial Consultation

Once we've established an engagment scope, it's pretty common for you to have me sign an NDA (though that's certainly not a requirement on my end). Likewise, I'll want you to sign a Scope of Work Agreement - which helps ensure that I get paid and which provides you with a written agreement that I'll only be working at your discretion and under the parameters that you define. Ultimately, I'm here to help you - not become a 'stealth' employee.

Once the formalities are addresssed, I'm then able to start consulting or working (if you need someone to solve the problem for you instead of showing you how to solve the problem). We'll just need to either grant me remote access into your system or set up a "shared screen session" where we can observe your environment/server in operation and I can help walk you through the process of further diagnosing your issues and implementing corrections. Or, if you're just looking for advice, we can set up meetings or other ways to communicate as needed.

If we've agreed upon a longer engagement or you need help with long-term or very serious problems, I'll keep you abreast of any developments or concerns along the way - to make sure we're staying within the bounds and scope you've defined.

Billing and Payment

My rates are currently $240/hour - for either contract or consulting work.

I typically invoice on the first business day on or after the 1st and 16th of every month. For short term engagements I can invoice earlier if we've wrapped everything up as needed (just ask me for an invoice). For longer term engagements, I'll just invoice for any hours accrued during the current billing period.


Unless otherwise arranged, I invoice on NET 15 terms (i.e., require payment within 15 days of invoicing). Let me know during our initial consultation if you need to arrange something else or need to me to work with your organization to open a Purchase Order, etc.


My preferred method of payment is via check, but direct deposit can be arranged for longer engagments, and I do accept credit card payments.

Project Completion

Once we've solved your problem, then we're done.

Over the years, I've worked with a large number of client - some of which have only needed help with one or two things and which I haven't heard from since.

But I've also worked with a large number of clients who need help with a single problem, use me to help them solve that issue, then show up months (or years) later when they run into other problems.

In short, I'm not looking to become 'entrenched' within your organization. If you need long term help, I'm happy to provide that. But, primarily, I'm here to help you solve your problems - and solve them as efficiently and quickly as possible - which means that you'll come to me again when you have additional problems you can't solve on your own and that you'll be more likely to refer me to your peers.

Get Started

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