Capacity Planning and Architectural Services

Capacity Planning

Capacity planning can be surprisingly easy to address in most cases - if you know what to look for.

Without proper capacity planning, you can end up paying much more for hardware, infrastructure, and licensing than you might have to otherwise. Worse, you might end-up not being able to meet peak loads on your systems or meet SLAs.

Yet surprisingly few organizations properly address capacity planning before rolling out new solutions or endeavors.

Contact me to see how easy capacity planning can be. In a little amount of time I can provide you with industry best practices and tools that will make it easier for you to correctly provision hardware and avoid costly outages and upgrades or performance tuning.

Architecture and Hardware Review Services

I've architected, designed, implemented, maintained, tuned, and extended a wide range of SQL Server solutions during my career.

If you need help with a new project, new servers, want a new architecture validated, or are looking for ways to better maintain or extend your existing solutions, contact me to see how I can help you save headaches and avoid common pitfalls and problems.