SQL Server Consulting

A few minutes with a consultant is an effective way to steer clear of pitfalls and avoid costly problems or mistakes.

Consultants vs Contractors

In IT, it's fairly common for people to use the terms "contractor" and "consultant" interchangeably - even though contractors and consultants are totally different.


Contractors are frequently surrogate employees - an external resource brought in to address a specific task or function. Typically, contractors are given specific tasks or projects to work on - in place of a full-time employee.


Like contractors, consultants typically charge a hourly rates and are brought in to address a specific task. However, as the name implies, consultants are - ideally - highly specialized experts that can help provide employees, teams, and entire organizations with the experience, insights, and guidance necessary to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes when tackling specialized tasks. In essence, consultants are someone who has "been there, done that" and learned from past experiences (and mistakes) and who, by sharing their knowledge and experience, help steer their clients toward success and away from errors and mistakes.

At SQL Server Audits, I can work either as a contractor (where I fix or solve problems for you) or as a consultant (where I work with you and show you how to fix and address your own problems).

All things being equal, I prefer to work as a consultant. Doing so allows me to help users, developers, and administrators "up their game" to better take advantage of SQL Server and help it better meet their organization's needs.

In either case, rates for consulting or contracting are the same: $180/hour.

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