SQL Server Licensing Help

As fantastic as SQL Server is, Microsoft doesn't make licensing very easy.

Licensing Mistakes can be Expensive

Obviously, over-paying for SQL Server is an expensive mistake - something you'll want to avoid - especially if you're dealing with larger workloads, lots of servers, and/or have SQL Server Enterprise Edition thrown into the mix.

Likewise, you don't ever want to be in the predicament where you've accidentally spun up more SQL Server instances than you've licensed - doing so can be a costly mistake if/when you're audited in addition to making you look bad.

Stop Wasting Money on SQL Server Licenses you Don't Need

As a consultant I've helped organizations save hundreds of thousands of dollars by helping them ensure they're using SQL Server as intelligently and efficiently as possible. (If I were smarter, I'd charge clients 20% of what I can help them save in terms of licensing cost; I wouldnt' make money from every engagement, but in cases where I did, I'd more than make up for my hourly rate.)

Stop Wasting Time trying to Sort out the Complexities of Licensing

I don't know everything about SQL Server Licensing there is to know, but I have been around the block in this department enough times that I've yet to come up against a licensing question I couldn't eventually answer (and provide authoritative documentation to back up). Contact me today if you're trying to sort out a stubborn licensing issue, are worried you don't have enough licenses, or are afraid that you might be paying too much for SQL Server Licenses you aren't using as efficiently as you could.

Get Help

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